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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Hello all.

First of all i' m no doctor. This is strictly a personal opinion expressed here and you must have this in mind before you start accusing me of anything. I am not suggesting anything, i will just express my thoughts and feelings in this blog and all i want is to discuss it with you people.

I think that most of you will agree with me when i say that cancer is going to be the dominating disease of the 21st century. More and more we hear from our relatives or friends and collegues that somebody they know or one of the family was found to be infected by cancer.
It has happened to some members of my family as well:
i lost my grandmother out of lung cancer (and she never smoked a single cigarette in her life)
i lost my uncle from cancer and one month later his daughter (my cousin) died from brest

So what exactly is Cancer in simple words?
Our body has cells in order to rebuild, and immune and cure. Cells grow to become that substance needed to perform those "jobs". The growth process is recorded in the DNA. The DNA instructs the cells to abide by a naturally growth mechanism. Sometimes mutations occur, that happen in an abnormal way in the cells and although cells have the ability to self-repair or die, some of them may survive. When they manage to do that, they multiply themserves forming a mass which doctors call : a tumor.
When a doctor has evidence that such tumor is a cancerous one, they start treatment which is called chemotherapy (from the greek words : Chimiki (chemical) and Therapia (Therapy)) which is a therapy through pharmaceutical medicines; either a series of injections, or special pills that the doctor will give to the patient et.c.

What causes the Cancer?
Well It can be caused by many things like smoking, radiation, asbestos in buildings, the polluted air that we breath, the anxious way of our life and many more but i strongly believe that the number one suspect found guilty of causing cancer is the water we drink. From the aqueduct that the water is cleaned to our faucet there are several miles of tubes intermediating. Dirt, rust or plastic and other substances mix with water in a way that could cause the water to be a real poison. So the solution was to mix water with chlorine.

Chlorine kills all these microbes and leaves the water clean from dirt but with enough chlorine in it. Chlorine is a toxic substance that can cause many problems to the health of a person and if you consider that most of the human body is composed by water (Adult women and men 50% to 65% and babies 78%), then that water, when consumed intoxicates the human body bit by bit.

Imagine that we wash our clothes with that water and many other detergents so all this chemical monstrocity touches our bodies (feeling more and more itchy lately?).
Number two suspect of causing cancer is our food. Fertilisers enginneered by companies to kill bacteria
and microbes on the fruits and vegetables i am not so sure that they are harmless for the human body as well. Even if you wash the cortex, you cannot wash the inner part of the food. And what about meat? All those poor animals that are grown under a lamp and fed by the mix of the remains of the older dead animals and other materials that you could not possibly imagine like clothings or sawdust or ... all those substances penetrate our tissues and our cells with strange results. Ever wonder about the bulge of a new generation of diseases
called self-immuned ? (hashimoto syndrome, multiple sclerosis, arthritis) The immune system sees it's own tissues as the enemy and tries to kill it. Why? Is it maybe that it found that something in the tissue was threatening, something that wasn't ment to be there? And how the threaten got there?

Can cancer be cured or at least reduce the risk?
I want to believe that yes, the risk can be reduced. But i also think that we have to do some changes in our lifes in order to give our body a chance to recover.

One : If you smoke... quit smoking. We have enough environmental polution. Don't feed yourselves with chemical smoke right into your lungs. Take a serious decision and stop smoking.

Two : Buy a good cleaning filter in your water faucet. There are some really good water filters with 0.01 micro technology. I've seen commercials where they put wine with dirt and other stuff into the filter and it holds them all, leaving just the water in the glass.
Purify the water that enters the organs of your body.

Three : Try to eat more food that is produced in a natural way. There are stores that sell groceries and meat that where produced in the proper way without any other mixed chemical products. Pure, nutricional food.

Four : Exercise! Ancient Greeks had a moto : "Nous igiis en somati igii" meaning "Healthy mind in a healthy body". They exercised whenever they could. Always morning because nature is "designed" to sleep and cure itself in the night and wake up and work in the morning. But i guess we cannot do that. Because 24 hours are never enough. We work 10 to 15 hours every day eating some crackers or a hotdog or a donut all the day. We then return at night, hit the shower, then eat for three people and then go to sleep and wake up with a dozen extra kilos. And i hear the complains like "how am i getting fat? i dont eat anything"
Yeah right!

Five : Laugh, laugh laugh!!! Read funny books, watch funny movies, put some harmless fun in your life. The massage that laughing does in your inner organs is the best way to enable your body to start it's healing process. Yes, i know. How can i laugh when i know that i have cancer? Well isnt it a selfish thought? Are you the only one on the planet that suffers from it? Some say : "Why me?" well i say : "Why not me?" Who am i to distinguish myself from those who suffer from cancer? or from those poor little kids born with cancer? Am i immortal? Did i have some kind of contract with Death that i will be forever? or perhaps i am a highlander. Well, this is not only science fiction but an immoral kind of thinking for all those who suffer from all those different kind of diseases. You need to reconsider the way of your life and that leads me to

six : Put anxiety away. We have this gross appetite for money. We are never satisfied with anything. We seek of new ways to buy this and that, most of us never eat yesterday's food but instead we feed it to the trash can. That is a demonic way of life because we know that just two steps from our doorway somebody is dying from hunger. Reconsider the way you live. Stop wanting other people rich. We came into this world with nothing and with nothing we are destined to depart. we take too much granted. Well it isnt. You spend your life seeking gold and when you find it... doctor calls and says you have cancer. So now what are you going to do with all that wealth? Funny but beautiful the way God works with each and everyone of us. A monk from a monastery in Mount Athos once told : "Take illnesses or death away from people and noone would go to Heaven"

seven : Listen to your doctor. Don't believe from the first signs of recovery that you the disease has retreated. You must follow the exact orders that your doctor will give you. Your doctor knows far more than you think you know on your problem so why risk the chance for full recovery? Be patient. Patience is a virtue. You don't press a button or drink a pill and then the "headache" is gone. Cancer is a serious matter that demands your prompt attention.

eight : Try to sleep more. Obey to your body's need for rest. If your eyes are strained or you body is numb you must stop and take a break. Don't push your self over the limits. Know where to stop. Specially you who have families. You ought it to your families. You have an obligation to them. You must take a nap from time to time. You must get a good night sleep. I know that most of us have loans to pay and the cost of life has passed the limits or resonance but how your debts are going to liquidate if you exaust yourself to work?

ten : Eat a logical amount of food. It's better to eat many times a small portion than a mountain-plate once a day. I noticed that thin ladies in my office used to have a packet of cookies and eat a bit once an hour. It took them one day to consume the whole packet. Fat ladies on the other hand devoured a packet in an hour and then asked from a fellow co-worker for another cookie. Dont mangle big portions specially in front of the t.v. You will never know what you ate and when that plate got empty. You must enjoy your food. You should chew well and not anxiously because you push your stomach too much. There is a stress that is connected with the stomach and the whole digestion process. That stress is forced when we swallow quickly. This could lead to inflammations of the oesophagus and other gastric damages. Dont drink water while you eat because you disolve the digestion fluids and the whole digestion process extends, leaving you with a tumefied stomach. Allow half hour and then drink water. Reconsider the reason you eat. You eat to survive, not survice to eat. Diet pills won't do nothing if you still eat for ten.

All that stuff i wrote is my personal way of life. I have collected them from many and different sources around, mostly friends and doctors. I follow them and i found them very helpful. So far and with the help of God i saw a change in my life.

You are not obliged to do anything by reading this. The purpose of this post was to present a different perspective. A personal one. I would like to read from you. Feel free to post your opinions.

I love sharing thoughts with friends.

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