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Answers About Thyroid Cancer

Tuesday, May 08, 2007
Author: Groshan Fabiola

Thyroid cancer is a problem that is not caused by smoking or drinking. All specialists may tell us that these two hobbies are not related to thyroid cancer but they may also admit that is better to avoid them. Even though smoking or drinking do not cause or aggravate the course of thyroid gland malignancy it is better to give up these habits for a good health situation.

Thyroid cancer is a curable problem. It is unusual for thyroid cancer to spread through the body, even though in some cases it may extend to the lymph glands in the neck. Thyroid cancer is in most of the cases cured after an operation. For the most complicated cases of cancer a treatment with radioactive iodine and x-ray therapy is needed. Sometimes surgical interventions might help. For other types of cancer, that are more complicated and aggressive chemotherapy and x-ray therapy is recommended by specialists.

Many cases of thyroid cancer are cured. This type of cancer has one of the best long term results. After a proper treatment or after a surgical intervention most of the patients are cured.

A big lump in the neck is the first sign for thyroid cancer. After noticing the bulge the patients must see a doctor. It is recommended to see a specialist especially a physician. About half of the cases of thyroid cancer are discovered by a physician after a routine check. This type of cancer does not cause pain or any other unpleasant symptoms. More than that most of the patients with thyroid cancer have normal metabolism and thyroid tests.

Many patients ask if the surgery leads to unwanted side effects. The answer for them is no. in many cases treating thyroid cancer means the removal of at least a part of the thyroid gland. This is possible through a small neck incision that in most of the cases does not affect the voice of the patient and more than that no scars will be seen. In more complicated cases when the cancer extends to the lymph glands a larger incision may be needed but because is usually done low in the neck no cosmetic problems will develop.

For the cure of thyroid cancer it would be recommended to discover the problem at an early stage. For that patients should regularly see a family doctor that when something is wrong will recommend a specialist.

Another advice for thyroid cancer patients is to stop their thyroid tablets for about 6 weeks if radioactive iodine is given.

For more info regarding thyroid treatment please check http://www.thyroid-info-center.com/thyroid-problems.htm

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For more info regarding thyroid treatment please check http://www.thyroid-info-center.com/thyroid-problems.htm


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